I was a fan of Catie Frates’ work before I ever even met her. I even wrote a research paper based on some of her writing. I remember seeing her speak at the homeschool convention and meeting her afterward and being SO completely starstruck! I had no idea that I would be blessed to have her not only as my science teacher, but role model and friend. In Mrs. Frates’ class, I was able to learn complicated concepts in ways that made sense. The best part was that the teaching of the creation wasn’t separated from the Creator, as so many science classes do. It was this worldview that laid a solid foundation for me as I entered science classes at a secular university. I even took my high school chemistry book with me to college, because college chemistry was SO hard and not taught very well. I see all science through the lens of creation – something I may not have been able to do as well had I not taken Mrs. Frates’ class. It would have been much easier for me to become slightly “brainwashed” by the secular education had I not been so firmly rooted in the truth. Mrs. Frates’ classes prepared me for that before I graduated. This past year, I tried to iChat the Creation Apologetics class from NY. Unfortunately, with my schedule, it didn’t work out, but I still have all the articles. They address many of the questions peers and adults have thrown at me in college. This semester, I’m taking a public speaking course and I’m talking on Intelligent Design. I’m using these articles as one of my main sources. The best part is, I already know so much of the information, that really all I have to do is review and organize. I’m so excited (and slightly nervous) for the opportunity to speak about this in the most liberal environment I have ever encountered. I know the Holy Spirit is at work through me and I just want to be obedient. The great part is, I’ve already received several positive comments on my topic, my passion for it, and my ability to communicate clearly and effectively. My teacher and some other students have given me this feedback. One student said he was excited to hear my final speech, and even asked if I planned on going into this professionally and speaking on it around the country. As I put this speech together, I’m realizing that many of the points I’m making are not things from books, but things I remember from Mrs. Frates’ classes and lectures. I am excited for the final product. Had I never taken Mrs. Frates’ class, I would have never even known that I have the passion for Creation Science, nor would I have been so prepared to face the opposition. It is my belief in God that shapes my life, and Mrs. Frates taught me that Creation tells us about the Creator. I don’t have to sacrifice “good science” to have faith in God – they go together! In fact, they are inseparable. The world today suggests otherwise. So thank you Mrs. Frates for offering up your gifts to teach me. I know the fruits of your labor will continue to multiply. I am beyond blessed to have the wisdom of Mrs. Frates poured into my life.

Past Student- Amy C.

"My daughters and I attended your Creation seminar. I wanted you to know what an impact it has had on my daughter. Today she started her 9th grade World Geography course through the ABeka curriculum. As home schoolers we have used this for years and have been pleased. She called me today very disturbed by a phrase used about the Grand Canyon. The book said that evolutionists believe that it was formed over millions of years, but christians believe that it COULD HAVE BEEN a result of the flood. The fact that the textbook writer was not dogmatic in their stand on biblical evidence was very disturbing to her. She immediately called me and it was such a blessing to talk with her and be able to not only to discuss her convictions about what she has learned from your seminar, but I was also blessed that I was able to have the tools to intelligently be able to discuss it with her. What a thrill to know she is beginning to not believe everything she is given and to look at everything though biblical eyes. Please continue with your ministry to get biblical evidence out there to our children, IT IS WORKING!!"

Cindi L.

"About 14 years ago a Creation Science class, taught by Catie, changed my life. My wife was introduced to Catie Frates through our contacts in Homeschooling. She attended one of her classes and came home very excited about what she had heard. The following week I attended the class with her and what I heard revolutionized my relationship with God. I had given my life to Christ 27 years earlier and was very involved in our current church, but my total faith in the Bible was always tempered by the evolutionary teaching I had received growing up. When I began to grasp the idea that Scripture could be trusted from the first page of Genesis, my faith came alive. Since that time I have come to realize that evolutionary teaching invades all parts of our culture. How has it changed my life? Well today I am a full time pastor, and the president of a creation science ministry called The Creation Data Institute. You can find us at creationdata.com. With God's help we are beginning the process of providing classes and facilitators to help churches, christian schools, and other interested groups teach the body of Christ the truth about the creation. Only a few thousand years ago God created the world. I believe teaching people the truth about His creation will change their world, and their lives. I know. It changed mine!"

In His Service
Tom Harris
Pastor of Son Rise Christian Church, Naples, FL.

"We were fortunate enough to have Catie Frates come to speak to our youth group. All our youth from six through twelfth grade were in one room, which of course had the potential to be chaotic. Instead, our youth and leaders listened intently. They had many questions and could have kept her there for hours after her discussion about dinosaurs. Many of our adult leaders were amazed and had never heard the information before. Her talk ended with a brief discussion on the cost of sin, by then they were completely focused on her every word. I highly recommend her teaching! "

Melo M.

"My son, faith has grown immensely since he has taken Catie's science classes. He is twelve years old and usually very quiet. One day at Lion Country Safari, my niece stated that she heard that a chimpanzee's DNA is 96% similar to a human's DNA. Tommy stated, "What is the difference between these two statements: 1. I do believe in evolution. 2. I don't believe in evolution. The answer is two letters. If I made each sentence longer, they could be 96% similar, but they would still have different meanings." There have been many other times I've been blown away by Tommy's applying what he has learned from Catie Frates. The Bible states in Romans that God's eternal power and divine nature is clearly seen. Catie awakens student's senses to see their world around them for God's glory."

Diane H.

To Whom It May Concern,
I attended a creation science class that Catie Frates taught at our church during Sunday School. I was so impressed and excited about what Catie shared with our class. She not only gave interesting and scientific facts, but she had a way of presenting the information that made me not want to miss a single meeting. Her knowledge and humor kept me wanting more. I was sad when the hour was over. It went so fast. I learned so much from what Catie taught me and I am able to use that knowledge to share the gospel with others.

I highly recommend everyone to attend her classes. I am sure they will become excited and informed and want to take great notes to refer back to in the future. I would definitely attend another class with Catie.

Cheryl K.