Are Your Children at Risk?

By Catie Frates

Did you know that current statistics state that 70% of college students that professed Christ before college and were raised in Christian homes choose to turn from their faith because of what they learn about evolution and science in school? As a Christian parent and a science educator of almost two decades, I am convinced training in Bible and Christian character provide an indispensable foundation for our youth.

It is imperative to know what we believe. The United States Treasury Department has individuals study real money so they can identify counterfeit bills. The same applies in identifying spiritual and scientific truth. If we really know what our Bible teaches and the scientific model that is built upon it, we will be able to discern counterfeits. Then we and our children will be able to destroy speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ as we are directed in 2 Corinthians 10:5. As Biblical Christians, we need to know how dinosaurs fit into the Bible, where Cain got his wife, why God made ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, and how distant starlight could get here in such a short time. We need to have good answers to hard questions that will come up in their lives.

Are you aware that Charles Darwin himself was raised in the church? At that time in history the church had compromised in many ways to accommodate scientific ideas. When Darwin noticed discrepancies between his observations and these Biblical compromises, he decided the Bible must be wrong. He came to some incorrect scientific and life conclusions because his understanding of scripture was faulty and untrustworthy. One of the biggest problems he had with the Bible and therefore the God of the Bible is still a major sticking point for many people today both in and out of the church, the idea of death and suffering.

When Darwin was 42, his ten year old daughter Anne died a painful death caused by a stomach illness that lasted several months. He watched his precious little girl suffer in pain and agony. She later slipped into a coma and died. The church of his time had already turned away from teaching a historically real Adam and Eve, a real curse of death because of sin entering the world, and a real global Flood. Darwin had no way of explaining such tragedy outside of seeing God as an ogre and liar as so many do today. Without an understanding of these historic facts, death, suffering, mutations, parasites, etc. they would appear to portray God as cruel, cold, and heartless.

Even today, a misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches is used to combat the idea of creation by design. Encyclopedia Britannica teaches the human appendix is a vestigial organ which can be used to "argue against creation by design but are fully understandable as a result of evolution.” Could you explain to your children what was wrong with that statement, because that’s the kind of thing they’ll have to deal with quite regularly? First there are no vestigial organs, but there are organs we don’t yet fully understand; that doesn’t make them vestiges. Secondly, when we do see things that are functioning in a less than optimal way, it is not a reflection of poor design on the Creator’s part as some would have us believe but the fact that the whole creation is under the curse of sin and death due to human sin.

The history found back in Genesis is absolutely necessary to understand these things. Simply put, God created a perfect world. Man sinned which brought death and suffering into the world. Now we see all creation under the curse of sin and death. It has been going down-hill, mutating and moving farther and farther from its original created form for thousands of years. This also explains suffering and death which were not a part of God’s original creation. Mankind brought it on the whole creation by disobeying God and the wages of sin is death. That is definitely bad news and we can see the result of it all around us.

The good news is that history doesn’t end there. God still cares about us so much that He came in the form of the man Jesus to die in our place. He paid the price for our sin so that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. He promises to restore everything one day to its original perfect condition. Those who have chosen to turn from their own way and to Him, accepting His gift of eternal life by trusting Jesus, will be freed from the curse of sin and death when all things are set right.

It is very important for us to have a solid understanding of the Biblical Scientific Creation Model of Origins, an uncompromising view of scripture and how the scientific evidence fits into it. With this Biblical framework in place, previous mysteries are solved and most importantly, we realize we can trust our whole Bible to be true even scientifically just the way it is written. This becomes extremely important knowledge especially when our children leave home. They need to understand and be exposed to the science that supports the Bible without any scriptural compromises. We would like to help you in this mission if we can. Keep up the good fight brethren!