Who is Catie Frates?

Catie Frates is a nationally recognized speaker on Biblical Scientific Creationism. In an entertaining fashion, she enthusiastically shares the scientific evidence that supports the Biblical Scientific Creation Model of Origins which empowers her audience with the information they need to interpret history and science into a thoroughly Biblical worldview.

Did you know that current statistics state that 70% of college students that professed Christ before college and were raised in Christian homes choose to turn from their faith because of what they learn about evolution and science in school?

Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to help prevent your family from getting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease?

  • Be prepared for college science while meeting Florida Bright Futures requirements.
  • Your student will benefit by learning from a degreed scientist and teaching specialist.
  • Catie passionately shares her love of science in God’s creation with her students, while making difficult concepts understandable and the science experience fun and rewarding.
  • All sciences are taught from a decisively Biblical worldview giving God all the glory for His intricate design.